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Maintaining any roof without a slope can be a big challenge because rain and snow can easily collect on your roof over time, potentially causing severe and undesirable damages to your home. Burrard Roofing & Drainage Inc. is here to provide the most essential flat roofing services for our clients all over British Columbia, providing professional solutions that ensure your valuable home is well-protected all year round.

Tar & gravel

Tar and gravel was one of the most popular flat roofing options in the 60s for many residential and commercial buildings These old-school roofing materials are making a comeback due to its proven performance, easy installation, and extremely low initial costs. Tar and gravel roofing is made up of layers of gravel and bitumen, and is engineered to be tough against wear and tear. These fantastic roofing materials will last 50 years or longer. What’s more, the gravel is capable of reflecting light away from the roof, making it a fantastic venue for a cool summer party!

Torch-on membrane

Torch-on membrane roofing, also known as modified bitumen roofing, is a hybrid of bitumen and rubber materials that gives the roofing a waterproof characteristic that regular bitumen lacks. Because of its elastic characteristics, torch-on membrane roofing is a very good choice for roofs that commonly go through extreme temperature changes throughout the seasons. The modified bitumen material is properly sealed onto your roof using a heat torch that properly bonds the membranes together.

With our professional touch, you will be able to enjoy a clean, safe, and functional flat roof for your home and business that can be used for a wide variety of fun activities. Our roofing company Vancouver professionals will put extra attention into identifying all potential sites of water build-up on your flat roofing and carefully determine the best course of actions to resolve the identified issues. Some of these professional solutions include installing an adequate drainage system that is capable of diverting water buildup away from the house, waterproofing your roof to prevent leaks, and more!

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Our company also offers other spectacular services including asphalt shingle roofing, drainage, and renovations to fulfill your home maintenance needs! Visit our FAQs page to read about some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our services and read the testimonials provided by our valued customers! Our photo gallery features some of the latest work completed by our splendid roofers. You can currently reach us anywhere in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. Contact us today to request a quote for your home and discuss all your roofing needs with the most dependable professionals in your area!

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